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The Grand Sunrise

Tis the dawn of a new day and morning's early light breaks over the eastern horizon.
How beautiful is it's light after the darkness of a very long spiritual night.
Awake, from your spiritual slumber, open your eyes and let God's light of truth shine in uplifting your spirit and your soul.
We are not at the time of the sunset; we are nearing the time of the Grand Sunrise.
Brethren, this is not at the end of things but only at the very beginning of the Day of God's Light.
Of that Day there will be no end.
Where His bright Light shines the shadows of darkness flees away.
All creatures of light will break forth with singing and joybells will ring in their hearts when at last Jesus Christ does come.
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Let all God's children sing Hallelujah!

©09/09/2001 Jim Welch

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