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I need fear no evil

I will safely trust in Thee, Oh Lord, and none other.
For you alone are my shield and buckler; you are able to defend me from all my adversaries.
When I walk with Thee I will fear no evil; for in Thee I will find a safe sanctuary from all harm.
The enemies of my soul are terrified of Your Presence and when I am in Your Presence they will flee away with great haste.
You are a shelter in the time of storm and a place of rest in the midst of turmoil.
When I walk with Thee, Oh Lord, I need fear no evil; for you can still the storms with a mere utterance of Your lips and heal all sicknesses with a mere touch of Your Hand.
With You all things are possible and nothing is impossible.
I will safely put my trust in Thee, Oh Lord, and none other.

©09/10/2001 Jim Welch

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