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Love is the perfection

Walk with God for real, not symbolically or in word only, but for real.
Take His Hand and walk beside Him like a bride walks with her bridegroom in the bond of love. Even so walk with God for real, not figuratively or symbolically.
Paul said to walk in the Spirit and not according to religious tradition.
As you have begun in The Spirit, so walk you in the Spirit.
Fleshly ordinances of religious institutions do not make perfect the things of the Spirit.
Only the Divine Presence of God's Spirit can make your spirit perfect.
Only being immersed in and surrounded by the overpowering and warm hearted Love that flows from our Blessed Heavenly Father through His Holy Spirit can our spirit be made perfect.
Without His Love nothing is perfect.
Love is the perfection of the Spirit.

©09/22/2001 Jim Welch

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