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God can make you beautiful

Blessed are all who come to the Father with pure hearts free from the hypocrisy of religious tradition and bigotry.
They come ready to hear the Father's instructions for their personal lives and are willing to change their ways to conform to our Father's teachings.
The Father can mold them like clay and reshape their lives, because they have not become stiff-necked in their religious beliefs and pride.
The Father is able to fire them in the furnace of tribulation thus turning their lives (like pottery} into works of beautiful art.
Brethren, submit yourselves onto The Father and allow Him to change you into something beautiful and glorious.
If you do so, He will.
If He does, your life will become so beautiful that He will place it on Heaven's display case for all to see.
Brethren, God can make you beautiful, so let Him.

©09/21/2001 Jim Welch

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