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Laboring for Heavenly riches

Your ways, Oh Father, are better than the ways of all others combined and Your Voice far better than the sum total of the contents of all books ever written.
To walk alone with you, Oh Father, is far better than all the rest of life's other experiences combined. Amen.
All the riches amassed by men are but a vapor that will quickly pass away and be no more.
The treasure laid up in Heaven will endure to everlasting and never pass away.
Therefore a single small treasure in Heaven is far more valuable than the sum total of all the riches amassed by men.
Yet men will labor long and hard to accumulate earthly treasures, which are here today and gone tomorrow.
They won't lift a finger to acquire a Heavenly treasure.
Brethren, are you laboring for Heavenly riches or earthly wealth?

©09/16/2001 Jim Welch

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