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Begin the day with God

May the glory of the Lord break upon your life like the dawn's early light breaks each morning.
Let each day began with a burst of the light of truth, a drink of the water of life, a touch of the Master's Hand, a renewal of your spirit and an uplifting of your soul.
Being fully prepared you can face each day with renewed vigor and zeal to do God's work with the joy of the Lord bubbling like a fountain within you.
Therefore the children of the Lord can go forth each day rejoicing with great anticipation of seeing the Hand of God at work in their lives.
Having begun the day with God then the power of God is evoked into their lives and the strength of the Lord becomes their stay.
Unless the Lord begins a work they labor in vain who do it.
So if you began your day with the Lord, your day will not begin in vain.

©09/17/2001 Jim Welch

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