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Heavenly rewards

Set your affection on the things of Heaven where Jesus sits on the Right Hand of God; not on the things of the earth.

Seek for a Heavenly crown instead of some earthly gain.
Seek to be a soldier in the army of truth instead of a soldier of fortune and fame.

All the wealth you have gained on earth you will lose and its accumulation will bring you into judgement.
All that you lose on earth for Christ's sake will cause you to gain in Heavenly rewards and will add God's mercy to your present life.

Brethren, it is so sad to see so many Christians selling their souls for the proverbial Esau's bowl of boiled pottage of lentils.
Brethren, are you selling your Heavenly heritage for the want of some earthly gain?
Personal gain is not godliness.

©11/22/2001 Jim Welch

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