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The labourers are few

The harvest is plenteous and the labourers are few.
The fields are white onto harvest and there are very few willing to go into the fields to reap.
Multitudes are standing at the threshold of  the door of salvation and very few labourers are willing to lead those multitudes through the door to everlasting life.
Many excuses God's servants give for not labouring in God's vineyard, yet not one of those excuses is valid.
All excuses center on one notion, the lack of Faith.
Faith is the willingness to abandon all one's own ways in favor of God's.
It is simply a case of not putting the Kingdom of God first.
Come, let us go into all the world and tell those poor souls of the wonderful message of salvation, deliverance and hope wrought by the cross of Christ.

©07/04/2001 Jim Welch

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