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God delights in you

The Father, our God, delights in them who hear His word and keep it.
They are truly blessed above all other children of God.
You are said to be blessed when The Heavenly Father delights in you.
That's what blessed means (God delights in you.)
All whom the Father delights in are blessed.
Seek to please God the Father in all that you do and do that which pleases God the Father.
Jesus made a list of qualities that God the Father delights in:
        The poor in spirit, The meek
        They who mourn, They who hunger and thirst for justice,
        The merciful, The pure of heart,
        The peacemakers, They who suffer persecution for justice's sake,
        They who are persecuted for Christ's sake.
In all these God the Father takes delight.

©07/05/2001 Jim Welch

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