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Pour our Your blessings

Restore my soul to a right relationship with Thee, Oh Lord.
To walk with You, Oh God, is the desire of my heart.
Purge from me all things that hinders the bond of love I have with Thee, Oh Lord.
Let Your Presence be my stay.
Restore to me the joy of my salvation and peace that stills the storms.
Just to walk with Thee is the desire of my heart, Oh Lord.
Pour out Your blessings upon my life and let Your light shine toward me, in me and through me.
Wash away all my sin and purify me both without and within.
Transform my life by the power of Your Right Hand like a potter changes a lump of clay into a work of art so beautiful that it is worthy to sit on the mantle of a king's palace.
Mold me and shape me, Oh God.

©08/25/2001 Jim Welch

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