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How sweet it is

How sweet it is to hear Your comforting words, Oh Precious and Loving Heavenly Father.
To me, Your Presence is a delight and Your words lifts up my spirit.
To feast of Your Love brings a great satisfaction to my spirit and to drink of the cup of the testament of Your Son's words quenches the thirst of my beleaguered soul.
He, who hears the words of Your Son, Jesus, and does them has become part of Your Glorious Kingdom.
His word is food for our souls and His word is life.
Now we are made clean by the Lamb's words and made holy by the outpouring of Your Love, Oh Precious Heavenly Father.
Jesus came into the world to bear witness to the truth and the truth sets us free.
Now it is by these two, (the words of Jesus Christ and the love of The Father) that we are made perfect.

©08/26/2001 Jim Welch

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