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I will enter Your gates

Cleanse me, Oh Lord, from all evil; purify my soul and renew a right spirit within me.
Where You are is where I desire to be also, to dwell in Your Presence night and day.
Let your ways be my ways and your Presence be my constant Companion, that I may walk with You all the days of my life.
Let Your Truths flow through me like a river. Send Your Holy Spirit to teach me all things and guide me into all wisdom.
Cause me to become a blazing flame of the fire of truth that brings Your Glorious Light to a world that has been plunged into darkness.
Open my eyes that I may see and my ears that I may hear.
I will enter Your gates with thanksgiving and take delight in Your Glorious Presence, Oh Lord, my God.

©08/03/2001 Jim Welch

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