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Hear their voices singing

Join the ranks of God's Heavenly Host; the Holy angels and the Saints from all generations who have gone on before.
Can't you hear their voices singing?
If you listen when you are alone with God our Father, you may hear the sound of those voices, singing; singing; singing.
How sweet their music is; to hear the angels sing is wonderful.
My heart bursts within me with a joy unspeakable when I hear those wonderful voices sing that no words can describe and it fills my whole life to overflowing.
I long to leave this world and join God's Heavenly Host; a place of joy; a place of peace; a place of love.
Then I asked The Father, "How long? How long until Thy Kingdom comes, and our joy be made full?"
And He said to me, "Soon, very soon, my son."

©08/02/2001 Jim Welch

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