Arise with Christ September 23 of Arise with Christ

Invincible Faith

A faith that is based on anything other than personally knowing the Lord is easily shaken and will not survive the enemy's efforts to get you to doubt.
All the great holy men recorded in the Scriptures knew God first hand and their faith was unshakable.
There is no substitute for knowing God, if you want to have a strong and invincible faith.
Faith based on knowing God for real is invincible and is the victory that overcomes the world.
All who walk with God will have a faith that is unquenchable and unshakable.
Anyone who puts his trust only in a creed, a set of religious doctrines, a belief system or his own personal logic will have a faith that is easily shaken and he will become fearful.
Therefore, seek to find and to know God yourself firsthand. Stop depending on other people or things to keep you in the faith.
Don't be a second hand Christian.
Get to know Jesus for real.
©09/23/2001 Jim Welch

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