Arise with Christ September 14 of Arise with Christ

The Voice of God

Truth flows like a river from the Throne of God bringing life to all the inhabitants of the land.
This river of truth is the wellspring of all life from the humblest of God's creatures to His Holy Saints in Heaven.
All things are framed by the Word of God; His Divine Everlasting Living Words of Truth.
It is by this River of Divine Living Truths, The Voice of God, that all things exist.
By His Voice all things were created and by His Voice all things continue to exist.
His Voice is the Light of Life for every creature from the humblest insect to the Holiest Angel in Heaven.
His Voice was sent into the world and dwelled among us and took upon Himself the form of man and that man's name is Jesus.
It is through Him that we have life and that everlasting.
©09/14/2001 Jim Welch

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