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Stand up for Jesus

Stand! Stand up for Jesus.
Let Jesus be your buckler and your stay for by his cross he opened the door of salvation for us and made straight our crooked ways.
He reconciled us to The Father, our God, and made us joint heirs with him of everlasting and eternal glory and life.
Stand! Stand up for Jesus.
Sing of his praises and of his glory.
Exalt him all ye children of the Lord and give thanks onto our Father for the atonement Jesus had wrought for us.
He suffered and died for us the agony of the cross and paid with his blood the price and purchased our souls from the fires of everlasting hell and damnation.
Stand! Stand up for Jesus.
For he has come that we may have life, and that abundantly.
Through him we have access to Heaven's gates.

©09/27/2001 Jim Welch

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