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Love is the Key

Great things are in store for all who love God with their whole heart.
There is an enormous treasure laid up for them in God's everlasting Kingdom.
Love is the Key that unlocks the gate to the hidden things of God and opens the door to the grand vista of all of His Divine mysteries.
To those who love God; all things will be revealed and they shall be made joint heirs with Jesus Christ to Heaven's great glory.
God shares all things with those who love Him and they will walk beside Him like a bride walks with the bridegroom.
The gates of Heaven are opened wide for all who love God and He awaits for them like a loving mother awaits for her grown up children to return home.
Dearly beloved, on earth we are only pilgrims passing through on our way to our Heavenly home.

©09/04/2001 Jim Welch

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