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He abounds

With God all things are possible and to Him all things are beautiful.
He delights in everyone and everything; of His enthusiasm there is no limit.
He abounds with love for all creatures, both small and great, and He abounds with joy for the same.
Of His zeal it is without measure and of His patience no test can try it.
Of His goodness, it shall forever excel; by His kindness, His acts of mercy are forever demonstrated.
He renders forgiveness with a blink of His eye and restores His peace to us quicker then we can ask.
He upholds us by His Right Hand whether we know it or not and pours His blessings upon us whether we thank Him or not.
He will bring into being His Everlasting Kingdom whether we believe it or not. Hallelujah!

©09/30/2001 Jim Welch

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