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God knows no bounds

Rest assured in the fact that God is able to change all things, to do all things, to straighten out all things, and to make right all things.
With God all things are possible and daily He does the impossible.
God knows no bounds and with God there is no limits.
God is not restricted by anything nor is He subject to anything.
God can go where He wants, do what He wants, and choose who He wants.
Who shall say unto Him, "You can't do this?"
God is above all things and over all things and nothing has dominion over Him.
God's power is not based on the Word; the Power of the Word is based on God.
Therefore even the Word is subject to God and not God to the Word.
God is a living and dynamic God.
He is not dead and His ways are not sunk in concrete.

©09/19/2001 Jim Welch

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