Arise with Christ October 27 of Arise with Christ

God, He is real

God, He is real.
God is real, He does exist and He is the creator of all things.
Brethren, believe in God whether the things of your life are going good or not.
Don't just believe in God only when your prayers are being answered, also continue to believe in God when your prayers go unanswered.
Don't keep requiring God to prove Himself to you; just perpetually believe in God.
Blessed is he who believes when he has not seen any miracles or any other proof of God's existence.
He who continually requires proof and miracles to keep on believing in God is like unto a house that is leaning so much that it needs props to keep it from falling.
Brethren, which type of person are you?
Are you a person that needs to see miracles in order to have faith in God or are you a person who has faith in God no matter what happens?
Have faith in God. Amen.
©10/27/2001 Jim Welch

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