Arise with Christ November 17 of Arise with Christ

God is alive

Bring everything to God in prayer seeking His guidance and help in all that you do.
Pray without ceasing and seek for God's wisdom and understanding with all your might.
Jesus said, "My House is a house of prayer."

In all pagan religions where men worship idols; worship consists of making offerings on alters to their gods without any attempt to communicate with their god.
Since their gods are non existent and do not live any attempt to communicate with them would be futile.

The only God you can communicate with is a living God; and the only Living God is God.
Prayer is communicating with God directly and in person.
Jesus said, "When you pray, get alone in secret with God and pray."
The main difference between pagans and Christians is pagans worship and Christians pray.
God is alive.
©11/17/2001 Jim Welch

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