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What seek ye?

What seek ye?
Do you seek for treasure in Heaven or do you seek after earthly wealth and prestige?
When you pray, do you seek to get alone with the Heavenly Father or do you seek to pray eloquent prayers to be heard by other people that you may be admired by them?
Who do you love more, The Heavenly Father or your family and your friends?
Which would bring more joy to you, a heavenly promotion announced to you in secret by God or a promotion to higher position at your place of employment?
When you have spare time on your hands, do you spend it with God or do you spend it seeking for entertainment such as watching television and other pleasurable activities?
Do you set aside time to daily get alone with God or do you get alone with God only when you have time left over?
Brethren have you become lukewarm in your walk with God or are you fired up with zeal for Him?

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