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Virtue is the meaning of life

Virtue is the substance and the meaning of life.
It is what makes life worth living.

The greatest virtue is love.
Without love, life would be meaningless and empty.
Love is the foundation of all other virtues including faith.

When we learn to abound with love:
  for God,
  for people,
  for the creatures of nature,
  for the flowers and the plants,
  for the beauty of God's handiwork,
  for the art of the masters,
  for the music of the ages
  and for the voyage of the discovery of knowledge;
then we are living a life filled with meaning and purpose.

The virtue of joy is what causes us:
  to delight in God's Presence,
  to appreciate the beauty of all God's creations
  and to have the sparkle of enthusiastic zeal in our lives.

A person who abounds with virtue is like a breath of fresh air and a shining light in a world which otherwise would be filled with darkness.

©11/19/2001 Jim Welch

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