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The Champion of Justice

Behold! There shall come a host from Heaven, a myriad of angels, who will follow the Champion of Justice, The Word of God as he descends into the world.
They shall come arrayed in bright shining robes of righteousness riding big white horses, the symbol of the endowment of great power and might.
They shall sweep away all earthly armies like a scythe cuts through the grass and they shall set up a world wide government that shall rule with absolute power, justice and might.
They shall rule over the inhabitants of earth for a thousand years with a rod of iron.
There shall be no voice of dissension and the whole world shall be subject to The Voice of the Word of God, Jesus Christ.
It shall be a time of absolute peace and Jesus Christ shall reign supreme with all power in Heaven and the earth.

©11/02/2001 Jim Welch

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