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God is all things to us

God is the Revealer of truths,
  the Opener of doors,
  the Creator of creations,
  the Guide to the lost,
  the Helper to the downtrodden,
  the Sanctuary to the fearful,
  the Gate to new horizons,
  the Healer of the sick,
  the Hope to those in despair,
  the Harbor in the time of storm,
  the Saviour to the sinful,
  the Rest for the weary,
  the Friend to the lonely,
  the Comforter to the mourners,
  the Light in the darkness,
  the Provider to the needy.
God is All things to all people in all circumstances.
He is our All in All.
There is no limit to number things that God is to His people.
His ways are wonderful.
He is Precious beyond compare.
In Him you can safely trust.

©03/30/2001 Jim Welch

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