Arise with Christ June 18 of Arise with Christ

Abandon earthly things

Come all, who seek after the Lord with a whole heart and be chosen by God to be joint heirs of God's Everlasting Kingdom.
Come by faith, the willingness to abandon all your old things in favor of the things of God, and God will bestow His Grace upon you.
Abandon the rags of sin in favor of the robe of righteousness.
Abandon the pit of hate in favor of the bright pathway of love.
Abandon the shanties of pleasures for the palaces of Everlasting Glory.
Abandon the dark road of sadness in favor of the golden streets of God's Eternal City of Joy.
Abandon the bitter waters of strife in favor of the sweet waters of God's river of Peace.
Abandon darkness in favor of God's bright beacon of Light.
Abandon the road of defeat and walk the road of Victory.
©06/18/2001 Jim Welch

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