Arise with Christ June 16 of Arise with Christ

Create in me a new heart Lord

Create in me a new heart, Lord.
A heart purged from all evil, the desire to have things your own way.
A heart filled full of good, the desire to do things God's way.
The wicked seek to advance themselves, while the good seek to advance God's Kingdom.
Our own wills are always in opposition to God's will.
When we seek to do our own will, we do evil works.
To do the will of God, we must die to our own selfish wills daily.
Our own wills are always selfish.
God's will is always unselfish.
This is why the proud and haughty have no place in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Everything a proud person does hinder God's wonderful work.
Be humble and pray.
©06/16/2001 Jim Welch

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