Arise with Christ July 08 of Arise with Christ

The Gateway of Jesus Christ

It is by thoughts filled with hope that joy comes into our lives and it is by thoughts filled with despair that discouragement enters into our souls.
Thoughts are words, and words have the power to change lives for the better or for the worse.
The evil one is constantly bringing thoughts of despair into our minds and hearts to take away the Joy of The Lord from us.
The inspired words of The Lord have the power to restore Joy and Peace and like light shining into darkness it has the power to cause all darkness to flee away.
Jesus said "It is by My Words you are made clean."
Words that flow from God's throne have the power to purge lives from all the negative effects of Satan's perpetual lies.
Through the Gateway of Jesus Christ truth flows and the truth will set you free.
©07/08/2001 Jim Welch

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