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Sand castles

Labor not for the things that will perish, but instead labor for the things that will endure forever.
All the things on earth are but for a brief moment; all the things of the Kingdom of Heaven are forever.
The things of earth are like sand castles on an ocean beach.
No matter how beautiful they are built, the waves of time will wash away all traces of their existence.
Our time on earth is but for a brief moment and all our fleshly acts will pass away.
Let us set our hearts on walking with the Heavenly Father and laboring in His Heavenly Kingdom all our brief lives long.
We are standing at the edge of eternity.
Decide this day where you will spend eternity.
By walking with the Heavenly Father and doing His will we will assure ourselves of a place in His Everlasting Kingdom.

©07/30/2001 Jim Welch

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