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Harp of everlasting joy

Oh Father!  Play a new song to me on your harp of everlasting joy and let my ears hear Your Voice singing new words of comfort and joy; comfort and joy.
Let each new day be greeted by a fresh inspiration from on High and let my spirit be renewed daily by the joyful sound of the angelic host singing.
Oh Lord!  Open my spiritual ears so I can  hear the sound of celestial music singing of Your Great Glory and let my soul break forth singing in harmony with these celestial voices.
Oh God!  Renew a right spirit within me and let my heart be filled to overflowing with your Heavenly Joy.
Cause me to be filled so full of Your music of Joy that I will want to run outside and sing with the birds as they sing at the dawning of each new day.

©07/02/2001 Jim Welch

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