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Days without end

Days without end and nights that never come.
A time of perpetual light and never the darkness of night.
Behold a City on which The Light of God never sets, bathed forever in God's Holy Light and the darkness of evil never besets.
For God, Himself, shall be the Light thereof and the Holy Saints shall be its people.
The Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, shall be the Temple and God's truths shall pour out like a river replenishing all the lands.
Pure Truth shall reign there and never the shadow of any lie ever be.
A place filled with Holy Sages and Priests who minister to all the cities and people of all the lands from one end of the universe to the other.
For God shall reign forever with the Light of Truth as His Scepter and of His Kingdom there will be no end.

©07/13/2001 Jim Welch

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