Arise with Christ January 15 of Arise with Christ

Praise Him all the day long

Glory be unto God in the Highest and in all things let God be glorified.
Exalt Him in the morning.
Exalt Him at the noontime.
Exalt Him at the evening tide.
Let the Lord, our God, be exalted all the day long.
Arise each morning with the praise of the Lord upon your lips.
Praise the Lord all day long.
Lift up your voices with rejoicing singing of His Glory.
Praise Him!
Praise Him, all the day long.
Let your heart be filled to overflowing with everlasting joy and let the joybells tingle and jingle within thee.
Rejoicing! Rejoicing!
Praising the Lord all the day long.
When finally at last the procession of the Saints shall go marching through the gates of the City of God, praising the Lord all the day long.

©01/15/2001 Jim Welch

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