Arise with Christ January 06 of Arise with Christ

Shine on! Shine on!

The Glory of the Lord did shine down on me, it removed all my fears, and I was caused to be filled with love to overflowing.
I did hear a voice within me, whether from Heaven or from myself, I could not tell, saying, "Shine on!" "Let it Shine On!"
My spirit was made bright when I was showered in His Glorious Light.
It became the dawn of a new day, when I did hear His Voice say, "Walk with Me along life's narrow way."
There I did find peace and all my turmoil and strife did cease, when God did pour out on me His Heavenly increase.
I did rejoice, when I heard His Heavenly Voice. To walk forever with Him, day and night, was my choice.

©01/06/2001 Jim Welch

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