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Jesus Christ is the Answer

Uplift the life and the spirit of those around you by testifying of the good things of God, showing forth a positive light of faith and hope.

Be a light in the darkness of this world,
   a beacon of hope to those in distress,
   an example of faith to those in the grips of doubt and despair,
   and a source of warm hearted love to those who are lonely and have need of a friend.

Jesus Christ is the answer to all of life's problems, not just to you alone, but also to all those who are around you.
He has purged our lives from sin, He is able to make the crooked pathways of our lives straight and He can make the rough and bumpy roads of our lives smooth.

Jesus Christ is the answer.
He has opened the gates of Heaven to us, He had thrown open the doors of spiritual prosperity and drawn back the blinds on the windows of wisdom so God's Light of Love and Truth can shine into our lives.

©01/31/2001 Jim Welch

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