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I am nearing the Shore

Start afresh with each new day and be renewed in the spirit daily by the Presence of God's Holy Spirit.
Forgive and forget all troubles and difficulties of the preceding day and arise with God's spiritual sunshine shining through the windows of your soul.
Take no thought for cares and worries of tomorrow but be like the birds of the air arising each day with a song of praise in your heart.
Begin each day with a renewed zeal of the Lord in your bones, boldly facing each new day, lifting up the Standard of Christ, marching, marching on toward Zion, Zion the beautiful city of God.
Brethren, we are all on a journey that presses always onward and forward toward the gates of the City of God.
I'm on my way to Zion, Zion, the beautiful city of God.
I am nearing the Shore!

©01/17/2001 Jim Welch

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