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God is Precious

To know You, Oh Father, is wonderful and to be able daily to come into Your Presence is a delight.
Renew a right spirit within me, Oh Lord, that I may abound in Your Love causing me to believe all things and hope all things.
I will put my whole trust in Thee, Oh God, and in Thee alone will I rely.
You are Precious beyond compare and your gentleness and tender hearted mercies toward me takes my breath away and inspires me with great awe.
You are my God and the dearest of all my friends.
There is no greater desire within me than to walk with Thee and to talk with Thee along life's narrow way.
Just a touch from Thee, Oh God, just a touch from Thee would from all my life's troubles and woes set me free.
God, You are Precious to me.

©01/05/2001 Jim Welch

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