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Give me oil in my lamp

Oh Lord!
Send to me Your Spirit of Peace, restore to me the joy of my salvation and rekindle within me love for Thee and for all others.
Oh Lord! Keep my spiritual lamp burning brightly.
Don't let it go out, but keep it shining, keep it shining, Oh Glorious Father of Lights.
Give me oil in my lamp, Oh Lord, give me oil in my lamp.
The oil of gladness and the oil of joy pour out upon me that the light of rejoicing would shine out through the windows and doors of my heart.
The oil of goodness and the oil of faith, pour out upon me that others would see the resulting light of goodness and the flame of your miracle working power and glorify You, Oh Father, who dwells in the Heavens.
Let your light shine through me. Let it shine!
Shine on!

©01/14/2001 Jim Welch

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