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Don't turn back

A long journey, undertaken on foot, is accomplished one step at a time; a book is written one word at a time; and a life of holiness is lived one day at a time.
For that reason it takes patience to accomplish all three.
To live a holy life requires much patience and few they are who have the patience to become a saint.
Brethren, we are on a road that leads to Heaven and the journey may be a long one filled with many difficulties and sufferings.
Don't turn back.
Don't take detours.
Do not look for shortcuts because they all lead to blind alleys.
Do not allow others to side track you unto roads that lead nowhere, but instead keep on the road that leads to Heaven.
Neither turning to the left nor to the right but keep on going on the road that leads straight to Heaven.

©01/21/2001 Jim Welch

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