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Be true to God

Remain true to your faith in God and keep all the commitments you have made to Jesus Christ your Lord.

Brethren, we are God's possessions and all that we are and own belongs to God.
Our first duty then is to serve the Lord our God with a whole heart, with all our mind and with all our might.

Whatsoever you have committed to do for Jesus Christ do with all your strength utilizing all the
resources you have at your disposal. Do the will of God in all things and keep nothing back, but place your all and all on the altar of God.

You cannot serve two Masters, but you must decide this day whom you shall serve, God or Mammon?
Let not him who wavers think he will receive anything from God.
He that wavereth is like a wave in the sea tossed to and fro.

Be ye zealous.

©01/26/2001 Jim Welch

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