Arise with Christ February 01 of Arise with Christ

The Place of spiritual rest

Seek the Presence of God, our Father in Heaven, and daily get alone in secret with Him.
Brethren, walking with God is not a burden, but a blessing.
It is a daily place of renewal, a place where your spirit is restored by His Spirit, a place where stress and the feelings of discouragement are removed and replaced by abounding peace and joy.
To go a day without being renewed by the refreshing Presence of The Father's Spirit is like unto going a day without sleep or rest.
On the following day after going without a night of rest you are going to be physically exhausted and tired.
In God's Presence is where you will find rest for your souls.
By skipping a day with God, your soul will become exhausted and tired.
This state of being is called discouragement and defeat.

 ©02/01/2001 Jim Welch

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