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Purify me

Purify me, Oh Lord.
Create in me a clean heart pure and holy that I may behold Thy Countenance, that I may see the Lover of my soul.
Change me:
  from evil to good,
  my doubts to faith;
  my hate to love;
  my sadness to joy;
  my strife to peace;
  my ambition to patience;
  my mean spirit to gentleness,
  my cruelty to kindness,
  my resentment to forgiveness,
  my discontentment to thanksgiving,
  my fears to boldness,
  my despair to hope,
  my ways to Your Ways,
  my falsehood to truth,
  my selfishness to concern about others,
That I may be pleasing in Your Sight, Oh Lord.

©02/08/2001 Jim Welch

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