Arise with Christ December 19 of Arise with Christ

Blessed be the Name

Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Let praises be sung and honor be bestowed unto our God forever and ever.
Sing of His Mighty Acts and lift up your arms of praise and rejoice, for the Lord He is God.
He has cast down the strong arm of the mighty and powerful and has uplifted the meek and the lowly.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord, our God, forever and ever.
Our God shall overthrow Satan and all his bands and purge the heavens and the earth from all wickedness and evil.
He shall reign supreme and shall rule with all power in heaven and the earth all glorious.
Blessed be the Name of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, forever and ever.
For He is worthy. Amen.

©12/19/2001 Jim Welch

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