Arise with Christ December 12 of Arise with Christ

Heaven sent

Anyone seeking to find his way on a pitch black night through an unfamiliar environment without the aid of a candle or a light would find it to be virtually an impossible task.
Very quickly he would become completely and hopelessly lost.
While groping around in the darkness, his hand perchances touches a tree, but because he is unfamiliar with the area he is in, the tree would provide him with absolutely no useful point of reference.
He would still be lost.
Brethren, any attempt to find your way through the unfamiliar realm of the spirit without a light to guide you would have the undesirable result of you being absolutely confused and dismayed.
This state of bewilderment and confusion is what the scripture means by the expression "lost soul".
A lantern that emits a bright light would be heaven sent to a person who was lost in the woods under total darkness.
Jesus Christ is the Light of the world and was Heaven sent by God the Father to seek and to save the lost.
©12/12/2001 Jim Welch

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