Arise with Christ December 07 of Arise with Christ

God is able to restore and uplift

Listen for the still small Voice of God when you are alone in your quiet place of prayer.
For His Voice is the voice of peace and can be heard best in the stillness of night.
His Words that you can hear during the time of stillness will become more precious than fine rubies and will become more desirable than the treasure of a mountain of gold.
Seek after God with all your heart, search for Him with all your might.
Come daily into His Presence to learn of Him and your spirit and your soul will be refreshed and renewed.
God is able to restore and uplift you even during these days of spiritual darkness.
All who walk in His Light are ministers of light.
They will become like lighted candles bringing the renewal of light to the household of God.
©12/07/2001 Jim Welch

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