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The Doorway to Heaven

Be not discouraged or dismayed, beloved children of God.
Let not your heart be troubled not let it be afraid, all ye saints of God.
Do not let tomorrow's cares and worries take away your peace of mind, all ye people of God.
For the Lord, our God, has gone away to prepare a place for us in His Everlasting Kingdom.
He did not abandon us.
After all things have been prepared for us, He shall come again to receive us unto Himself that where He is we may be also.
Every person who has this hope is able to live a holy and pure life, emancipated from all the corrupting influences of earthly cares and defilements.
The hope of glory is able to cause us to overcome the world because we believe that Jesus in the Son of God and the Doorway to Heaven.

©12/15/2001 Jim Welch

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