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Lift up your voices

Lift up your voices, all ye saints of the Living God, and sing.
For the Lord is great and mighty and is able to save all whom the Father has chosen to the uttermost.
Lift up your voices, all ye children of the Most High God, and rejoice.
For the Lord has gone away to prepare a place for you in Heaven's wonderful domain. He shall return in the end of days to receive you unto Himself, that where He is, you shall be also.
Lift up your voices, all ye people of the Eternal and Everlasting God, and praise and exalt Him.
For the Lord by his blood upon the cross has redeemed us, made an atonement for all our sins and purchased for us life, eternal and everlasting.
Lift your voices and shout the Victory.

©12/08/2001 Jim Welch

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