Arise with Christ August 20 of Arise with Christ

Set your affections above

Therefore, the children of the Lord shall come marching into Zion with the diadem of everlasting joy upon their heads singing "Hosanna, Hosanna onto our Lord and unto our God."
They shall enter into Zion's gates with rejoicing; a place of love, a place of peace and a place of joy.
Brethren, knowing what your destination is, ought we not live our lives in accordance to the hope therewith and live holy and circumspect lives?
Reckon yourselves dead and already living with God in His Holy City.
Set your affections above where Christ sits on the Right Hand of God our Father.
Labor not for things that perish but rather labor for the things that will endure forever.
Set your heart on God's city, for where a man's heart is so will be his treasure.
©08/20/2001 Jim Welch

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