Arise with Christ August 08 of Arise with Christ

Sing with the angels

Behold! I looked and my eyes did see a beautiful city, great and mighty, with myriads of angels surrounding it like a halo, singing glorious sounds of music.
Their voices were like unto violins, so pure were they, a sound so wonderful that my heart leaped with joy within me.
Every angel's voice did sing a different part; yet all their voices, as they sang together, were in perfect harmony.
No earthly choir I have ever heard even comes remotely close to the glorious music of the angels as they sang.
Their voices did enhance the sparkling beauty of the city that shone with multiple colors shining like brilliant flames of fire.
To look upon that city was awesome and when I realized it was going to be my eternal home; tears of joy filled my eyes and I began to sing with those angels.
©08/08/2001 Jim Welch

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