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I Am the Good Shepherd

Thus sayeth the Lord your God.
Behold! I stand at the door of your life and knock.
I am waiting for you to open the door of your life to Me.
In Me you will find rest for your soul and nourishment for your spirit.
Without Me you can do nothing; your soul will be in anguish and your spirit will be famished.
Your anxiety and turmoil is not My doing, but the result of your own doing.
You are the cause of your own suffering.
I will not force My abundance of good things upon you.
I wait for you to open the door of your life to Me.
The Good Shepherd enters in by the gate and does not break into the sheepfold.
I Am the Good Shepherd. In Me you can safely trust.
Entrust your life to Me and I will lead you to springs of living water, crystal clear, and you will feast of Heaven's banqueting table.

©08/22/2001 Jim Welch

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