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What is sown is reaped

Mercy belongs to the merciful and the merciful shall find mercy before the Throne of God.
Blessed are they who abound in acts of kindness toward others with hearts filled with warm hearted love.
For the Lord, Himself, shall do even the same unto them.
Whatsoever we sow toward others is what God shall render back to us.
He, who sows in bitterness and anger shall reap a bitter reward and shall face an angry God in judgment.
The fires of hell shall be his reward.
Whatsoever we do toward others,  the Almighty God shall do towards us.
He who debases others shall be debased.
He who uplifts others shall be uplifted.
Spend your whole life doing towards others what you would desire God to do to you.

©04/15/2001 Jim Welch

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